Long Term Residential

A Residential experience offers a unique opportunity to re-engage students in an alternative learning environment. The Middle Years of schooling have long been identified as a decisive time for young people, a time where students are often difficult to inspire and enthuse.

A residential programme allows students to live together for an extended period of time, learning about themselves, others and the environment. They discover personal strengths, build their self-concept and acquire life skills such as tolerance, resilience, independence, and self-reliance. A committed approach to pastoral care and individual well-being ensures that each student is mentored throughout the journey in a way that maximizes their personal growth. Students gain an appreciation for the environment first hand. They develop a sense of place with the natural world in which they have been residing and begin to develop an approach to sustainable living that is directly transferable to their more urban home environment. Higher Ground has an internationally renowned track record in the design and delivery of innovative long-term residential programmes (typically 28 days) to both Australian and Asian students. These programs have been specifically designed and developed in consultation with the relevant school in order to best meet their desired aims and objectives. The pedagogical approach of each program is consistent; a mix of collaborative and experiential learning and outdoor and environmental experiences. Components of a typical programme include:
  • Skill Development Sessions – A chance to learn the fundamentals
  • Expeditions – The gift of a journey. Each one progressively more challenging
  • Whole Day Activities – An opportunity to put into practice skills learned
  • Community Service – A time to give back to the community
  • Solo Experiences – Moments to reflect and reconnect with nature

Students live a basic and simple life away from the distractions of the modern world. They are encouraged to adopt a more expanded worldview and experience life without mobile phones, game consoles, computers, the Internet, makeup, ipods or television. Clothes, as well as dishes are washed by hand, and contact is maintained with family and friends back home through the traditional art of letter writing.

Community living requires each student to make many well thought out decisions each day. They become more aware of the impact their decisions and actions have on their peers, community and the environment.
Past and present students maintain that their time on programme was the highlight of their entire schooling. It has proven to be a life changing experience for students and their families.