Our Design Philosophy

All of Higher Ground’s programmes and services are designed to the specific needs of our clients; achieved through focused consultation and a commitment to the following design principles:

1. Partnership

At Higher Ground we believe that the best educational outcomes will be achieved through a genuine partnership with our clients. We bring over 20 years of experience delivering significant educational outcomes in the outdoors and combined with our client’s knowledge, skill and experience together we design the most effective programme for participants.

2. Curriculum and Cultural Integration

We will seek to understand the nuances of your school’s culture and supporting community. We do not take a generalised approach to curriculum integration but rather seek to understand what it is that our clients are trying to achieve and to then match those outcomes to the relevant parts of the curriculum.

3. Sequential in nature

To achieve the best outcomes we believe that all programmes should be sequential in nature, both at a macro (all camps in school program) and micro (daily program). Whether Higher Ground is providing a number of programmes or just one, we will design a solution that builds on previous knowledge, skills and experiences and has inherent in its design a sequential process that will maximise the potential outcomes for each participant.

4. Value

We understand that each programme is a big investment for schools, families, and individuals. For this reason we commit to finding the best solution that represents outstanding value while delivering the desired outcomes.