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Higher Ground is one of Australia’s leading providers of Outdoor and Experiential Learning,  committed to the provision of SAFEINNOVATIVE and PURPOSE DRIVEN experiences that are underpinned by the highest quality customer service and support.  Every year we work with tens of thousands of individuals both in Australia and Asia and we’re passionate about creating the “freedom to learn”.

In operation since 1999 Higher Ground uses a combination of outdoor activities and an experiential learning methodology to create a unique and challenging learning environment where students are engaged directly in the subject material; whether a group decision during map reading, a personal commitment to rock climb or an internal reflection about their relationship with themselves and others.  Higher Ground experiences provide a holistic educational journey.


All of Higher Ground’s services are curriculum integrated and have at their core three primary objectives; to develop confident individuals who are life-long learners and responsible global citizens. We are a committed group of people focussed on providing excellent service and exciting experiences in an environment that values the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of each person.

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